Strip Paint From Your Wooden Door With 3 Easy Tips

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The easiest way you can bring out the natural beauty of the material underlying your wooden doors is by stripping the paint. Three common ways of removing paint are sanding, heating and using chemicals. The easiest way to remove paint from a wooden surface is by applying a chemical paint stripper. If you are also planning to strip your door in London, get in touch with a reputed company like PJ Pine & Son and follow a few easy tips.

Few Steps To Follow During Door Stripping In London

1. Examine The Wood

Professionals offering door stripping in London first check how many layers of paint they have to remove from the door. If the grain is visible in any area of the door, it is an indication that there are only one or two layers of paint which they have to remove. Door strippers also consider the type of wood so that they can determine the right stripping technique. They also have to choose the right paint stripper according to the kind of wood.

2. Hire Professionals

Since stripping paint from your wooden door is more complicated than you think, make sure you hire professionals for the task instead of trying a DIY project. PJ Pine & Son offer door stripping services and also offer stripping services for garden furniture, pine furnishings, fireplaces, cast iron benches and fire surrounds. Discuss your door stripping needs with them and they will provide you with a quotation. Choose one offering the service at competitive prices.

Follow the tips stated above and get the best door stripping services in London.

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