Services Offered By A Floor Sanding Company

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One of the primary benefits of choosing an experienced floor sanding company is that they specialise in various types of services. They cater to both domestic and commercial clients. Discuss your needs with them, and they will customise their services accordingly. They have and experience required to restore wooden floors to their original condition. PJ Pine & Son is one of the few companies you can trust for premium quality floor sanding and floor restoration services.

What is Floor Sanding? Know Its Benefits

It is the process through which abrasive materials are used to remove the old top surface of wooden floors. The objective is to make them look bright and new. The appeal of sanded floors stays intact for years with minimal maintenance. Beautiful and elegant floors can enhance the appeal and value of any property, irrespective of its size. It also prevents allergies as the floor does not generate any pollen, mould or mildew like carpets. Choose a reputable company like PJ Pine & Son for floor sanding, and you can have all the benefits offered by it.

Visiting A Floor Sanding Company? Few Other Services They Offer

1. Door Stripping

Almost every floor sanding company offers door stripping services. Generally, they use the hot tank stripping system as it is effective and produce the desired results. The process can be performed in every type of wooden door and furnishing. The surface coating is removed using a suitable solution before giving it a new finish of your choice. It is not only about door stripping, the experts at PJ Pine & Son can also strip garden furniture, but fireplaces, cast iron benches, pine furnishings, and also fire surrounds.

2. Fireplace Restoration

Want to restore the appeal of the cast iron and slate fireplaces in your home? Get in touch with experienced fireplace restoration specialists. They know how to reinstate fireplaces with numerous layers of paint. The lost appeal of household fireplaces is restored with the latest techniques and tools. If you ever notice that a fireplace has broken sections, missing parts, cracks, numerous layers of paint, discolouration, stains or fire-damaged areas, it’s time for fireplace restoration.

3. Furniture Stripping

The easiest way to restore the appeal and value of wooden doors and furniture is with specialist paint and varnish stripping services. Paint stripping can be performed on doors and furniture like tables, chairs, and wooden lamps. Colour is removed from the furniture by putting them in heated tanks containing caustic soda. Later, powered jet washers are used to remove the caustic soda. The product is also waxed and sanded to restore and protect it.

Since you are now aware of the common services offered by a floor sanding company, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at PJ Pine & Son.

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