Refinish Your Hardwood Floors Before Moving To A New Home

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Though there is no right time to refinish old hardwood floors, flooring experts believe they should be sanded before you move into your new home. The stunning hardwood floors are an integral feature of every house. If you want the home of your dreams to look visually appealing, make sure the floors also look their best. There are a few homeowners who don’t know where to start. Get in touch with flooring experts for full hardwood floor refinishing services. They will assess the condition of the floors and suggest the best floor sanding package within your budget. They might also share a few floor refinishing tips to make the task easier.

Why Is Refinishing Old Hardwood Floors Important?

Though you don’t have to worry about the performance of newly installed floors, their quality deteriorates over time. They experience wear and tear which affect their visual appeal. Hire professionals to refinish hardwood floors and they will smooth the surface, fill the scratches, restore its colour and apply a top layer. Refinished floors will become the ideal foundation to decorate the space, move in the furniture and start living in your new home.

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9 Steps Followed During Hardwood Refinishing

  • The current condition of the floor is assessed by floor sanding experts.
  • They determine the safety equipment, sanding grit sequence, stain and topcoat required.
  • A suitable drum sander is selected to make the sanding process aggressive and quick.
  • The hardwood floor is prepared for the sanding process.
  • The floor is sanded according to the sanding grit sequence.
  • It is closely inspected after sanding.
  • The floor is prepared for the finish after the final sanding.
  • All the heavy equipment are removed from the floor before the final vacuum.
  • Fine dust particles are removed before the final finish applied.

Why Complete Floor Refinishing Before Moving In?

Refinishing hardwood floors is not as easy as you think. There are numerous steps involved. Get in touch with a reputed floor sanding company like PJ Pine & Son before moving in. They have experienced floor sanding experts who can complete the task within the specified time. It is also convenient for them to work when the house is empty. One of the primary benefits of refinishing your floors before moving in is that you don’t have to deal with the smells, dust and noise associated with the process. They won’t disrupt your daily life. Move-in the furniture after the process is completed and unpack them as and when required.

Why Hire Professionals For Floor Sanding?

Refinishing hardwood floors is very time-consuming and challenging. If you want to complete the task with least hassles, hire a professional offering floor sanding. A majority of them have years of experience in the industry and leave very little room for error. You can move into your new home without much delay as they will complete the job correctly and efficiently within the specified time. If you notice any damage on the floors after you move in, get in touch with your floor sanding experts.

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