Refinish, Sand, Stain And Polyurethane Hardwood Floors The Right Way

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One of the primary benefits of installing hardwood floors in your house is that their appeal stays intact for years to come with minimal maintenance. If you want to enhance the appeal of your hardwood floors even further, make sure you refinish them the right way. Get in touch with a professional with years of experience in refinishing, sanding, staining and applying polyurethane on hardwood floors. They know how to bring back the elegance and charm to your home by adding some lustre to your hardwood floors.

Choose The Right Sanding Machine

Though there is a wide variety of sanding machines available in the market, make sure you choose the right machine to sand and remove the old finish from your floor.  Professionals in Bromley use drum sanders to get rid of the old finish and layer of wood quickly. They move or rotate the machine in the direction of the wood grain to achieve the perfect finish.

Know More About The Sanding Process

 It is always advisable to start with coarse sandpaper. If your hardwood floor is in a moderate condition, choose 60-grit sandpaper. The 36-grit paper is suitable for very old or badly shaped floors. The coarse paper helps in getting rid of the old finish and makes your floors smoother. The professionals generally take a few hours to sand one room.

Clean The Floor

Once the floor is sanded it will be professionally cleaned.

 Stain It Properly

Every floor sander at PJ Pine & Son is experienced and can help you choose the right stain according to the type of floor in your house and achieve your desired look.

 Applying The Polyurethane

Want to give your hardwood floors a deeper shine? By applying polyurethane for the finishing touch you will achieve a deep shine.  Though generally one coat is required, your floor sander in London might also recommend two layers.

These being said, you are now aware of the right process of refinishing, sanding, staining and applying polyurethane on hardwood floors.

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