furniture stripping london
furniture stripping london

Furniture Stripping in London

furniture stripping london

We offer specialist paint and varnish stripping services to help restore your wooden doors and furniture to their original condition in London.

Our paint stripping service can be used for bringing new life in to tired old doors, leaving them ready for sanding and varnishing. Paint stripping can be performed on doors and furniture such as tables, chairs, wooden lamps, and more.

If you have doors that have been heavily painted over the years, our chemical paint stripping service will strip the paint off in preparation for a fresh coat of paint or for sanding and varnishing. Please have a look at our gallery page for examples of our work and call us to discuss your requirements.

We also offer the option of neutralising your item once it has been stripped. Since caustic soda, or Sodium Hydroxide, is alkaline in nature, we recommend that it is neutralised to render your item to a neutral pH level.

How Does it Work?

The doors or furniture are stripped of paint in heated tanks containing caustic soda. The items are then steam cleaned with fresh, clean water by powered jet washers to take out all the caustic soda.

furniture stripping london

Sanding and Waxing Service

door stripping south London

After neutralizing, we recommend a sanding and waxing service that will fully restore and protect the item. We can provide a wide range of finishes, so please contact us to discuss the options. Please note that all door handles and hinges must be removed before collection.