Floor Sanding, Buffing Or Screening? Choose The Best Among Them

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If you are one of those people who think that floor sanding, buffing and screening are the same, they are not. Get in touch with a flooring expert and they will let you know the differences between them. If you are wanting all the benefits offered by properly-installed floors, make sure you choose the right flooring procedure. Understand your flooring needs and consider the durability, functionality and benefits offered by each process. You can make an informed decision if you are aware of the common flooring methods.

What is Floor Sanding?

Though you don’t have to worry about the appeal and functionality of newly installed floors, their performance and appearance deteriorates over time. The easiest solution is by sanding the floors. Professionals offering floor sanding in Croydon use specialised tools to remove the existing protective coating of the floor before applying a new finish. They level the floor before removing the damaged floorboards and fill the gaps between them. The commonly used machines are belt sander, edge-sander and buffing equipment. A belt sander is used to complete a major part of the sanding work, edge sander is used to sand hard-to-reach areas while the buffing equipment is used to apply the final touch.


What Is Screening?

Though the buffing and screening process looks similar, they are not the same. Slightly worn wooden floors are renewed by abrading them before applying a new coating on top. Screening is also known as light sanding. A rotary sander or buffing machine is used to strip the finish without removing it. The objective is to get rid of the small imperfections. A rotary sander is not very powerful which makes them incapable of removing serious stains or deep scratches.


Should You Screen Or Sand Your Floors?

Some homeowners prefer screening their hardwood floors as the process is easy, cheap and less time-consuming. It is advisable when the floor in your house needs a slight refresh look but is still in good shape. You can expect to get the desired results if you just buff the distressed areas. Every part of the floor might require a different type of floor sanding. The best you can do is to get in touch with a floor sanding expert and they will help you choose the right floor treatment which fits your needs and budget.

4 Situations When You Should Not Screen Your Floors?

  • You can’t buff floors which have been waxed. The polish can’t remove the wax effectively.
  • A simple screening won’t be sufficient if the floor has turned grey.
  • You are planning to change the colour of your floor completely.
  • If the floorboards are not warped and devoid of any deep scratch or stain.

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