Choose The Right Finish For Your Hardwood Floors

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The easiest way you can protect the wood floors you have recently installed or refinished is by applying a topcoat. A wide variety of finishing options are available to you. PJ Pine & Son is one of the companies you can trust for floor polishing, refinishing and renovation. They have the right specialists for wooden floor sanding and finishing. Not only will they offer the highest standards of floor sanding and repairs but also help you choose the right finish for your hardwood floors.

3 Common Types Of Hardwood Floors Finishes You Can Choose From

1. Water-Based Polyurethane

If you are looking for a clear finish for your hardwood floors which can dry quickly, choose water-based polyurethane. Few benefits offered by water-based polyurethane are low VOCs, low odour, shiny and smooth finish, easy application and cleaning. You don’t have to worry about the floor becoming yellowish over time. Though the high-gloss finish is more popular, you can also try the satin and semi-gloss finish.

2. Oil-Based Polyurethane

The oil-based polyurethane finish is ideal for high-traffic areas. They are durable, affordable, easy to maintain and can resist moisture. Its three main ingredients are plasticizers, synthetic resins and linseed oil. Since the finish has good hard wearing characteristics, you don’t have to refinish the floors frequently. As far as their maintenance is concerned, you just have to sweep and vacuum the floor every day.

3. Wax

Want to render a low-sheen finish to your floors? Wax it. The finish is widely preferred by professionals offering floor sanding in London. They are easy to apply and touch-up. Since the material can easily penetrate the wood, you can combine it with stain. They also dry very quickly so you can walk into the room within a few hours after applying the finish.

If you want the floors in your property to be sanded and finished to the highest standards, get in touch with the flooring experts at PJ Pine & Son.

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