Checkout The Steps Professionals Follow During Door Stripping

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Stripping and refinishing your front door is not a easy task. One of the primary reasons why people should think twice before undertaking a DIY door stripping project is because the process is more time-consuming than you think. If you don’t want to end up spending more than necessary, get in touch with professionals offering door stripping services. A majority of them in London have years of experience in the industry and know the various complications which might arise when stripping doors and how to handle those.

15 Few Steps Professionals Offering Door Stripping Services Follow

1. Use a nail and hammer to remove the hinge pins from the door after closing it.

2. Open the door carefully after pulling off the hinges and lay it flat on the floor.

3. Get rid of the rest of the hardware using a screwdriver. Take a box, put all the screws and hinges in it and put it in a safe place.

4. Use a natural-bristle paintbrush to strip paint from one side of the door. Make sure you wear goggles, rubber gloves and a mask when stripping the door. Though you can use commercial stripping products as well, they are a bit caustic and can damage the material of your door.

5. Scrape off or remove the stripper once the finish starts bubbling up using a paint scraper. Professionals offering door stripping services always scrape the finish before it dries out.

6. Apply a second coat of stripper if you notice some specific patches or areas in the door where the old finish has become too hard and you can’t remove it.

7. As far as the crevices and tight spaces are concerned, use a putty knife to get rid of the finish.

8. Neutralize the stripper and get rid of the rest of the paint by washing the door using water.

9. Once you have completed stripping one side of the door, turn it and strip the other side.

10. Leave the door ideal overnight so that it dries completely.

11. Sand the wood with suitable sandpaper and spread a coat of wood conditioner.

12. Use a paintbrush to spread the liquid stain and use a rag to wipe off the excess liquid.

13. Spread a fresh coat of paint and finish. Paint the inside with polyurethane.

14. Apply a second coat if required and open the door after the finish dries.

15. Remove the masking tape, replace the hardware and apply the final coat of finish.

Follow the steps followed above if you want to strip your door like a professional or get in touch with PJ Pine & Son for professional door stripping services providing flawless results, top-class finishes and completed in a short time scale.

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