All You Need To Know About Wood Flooring Before Installation

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The popularity of wood flooring has enhanced dramatically in the last few years as people can now choose from a wide variety of designs and styles to reflect their taste and personality.

Installing wood flooring is one of the easiest ways you can enhance the resale value of your home. , its durability makes it an economical option.

Types Of Wood Flooring

Floor manufacturers use a wide variety of wood to make wood flooring. Each material has its own set of advantages and limitations. Instead of choosing any random material, consider its durability, colour and uses. How much you have to pay to install wood flooring in your house is largely dependent on the installer you are approaching and the availability of the wood variety in your area. Few common types of wood flooring are,

Ash – Available in lighter shades and can easily lighten up a room.

Pine – Render a rustic feel and is an economical option

Bamboo – Environment-friendly, strong and hard-wearing

Cypress – Available in various tones and can easily match your home decor.

Cherry – Though they provide a warm and smooth touch, they are easy to scratch

Hickory – Has hardness which makes the installation process a bit challenging.

Oak – Though being rich and warm, they require high maintenance.

Maple – Generally a bit expensive as they are hardwearing and scratch-resistant.

Why Do People In London Prefer Wood Flooring?

Want to give your home a touch of style, quality and permanence, get in touch with a reputable installer of wood flooring. Consider your tastes, needs, home decor and budget and choosing the right type of wood flooring variety will become easier. Maintaining and cleaning is easy. Wood is a natural recyclable resource and an ecological product.

How To Deal With The Scratches And Dents?

Wood floors rarely need replacing which makes it a cost-effective flooring option. You can get rid of the scratches and dents by hiring professionals offering floor sanding services in London. They will help you choose a suitable sanding process according to the condition of the wooden flooring in your house. If you want to hire the best floor sanding experts in London, look no further than PJ Pine & Son. They specialise in restoring the look of your wooden floors by offering impeccable services at very competitive prices.

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