6 More Myths About Wooden Floors Have Been Solved

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The number of people installing wooden floors has enhanced drastically in the last few years as they can make your indoor air healthier. Just replace your existing floors with wood flooring and you don’t have to worry about stubborn stains or scratches from the furniture. Hardwood looks brilliant and can boost your home’s interior. They don’t fade over time. Though hardwood floors have so much to offer, there are still a few people in London who have not yet approached a flooring expert. It is primarily because of the myths surrounding wooden floors. Solving those are a must so that people can make the most of them.

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Few Common Myths About Wooden Floors Have Been Debunked

1. “Installing Wooden Floors Will Punch A Hole In Your Pocket”

Whether you choose wooden flooring or marble flooring, both are expensive as they are considered as luxury flooring. One of the primary benefits of installing wood floors instead of marble floors is that it is a cost-effective option as they have a longer life. If you ever feel that it has lost its sheen, just re-polish the floors.

2. “Wooden Floors Require A Lot Of Maintenance”

Maintaining wooden flooring is easier than you think. You can get rid of the accumulated dust and dirt by vacuuming or sweeping the floors on a regular basis. In case of accidental spills, take a damp cloth and mop up the liquid. As far as its lustre is concerned, you can restore it by using a quality wood cleaner.

3. “The Wood Is Sourced From Forests”

If you have not installed wooden flooring yet because you are concerned about the environment and think that trees are cut to make them, it’s time you think again. Being a natural material, wood is recyclable. The flooring material is eco-friendly as well as the wooden planks are made without using artificial elements.

4. “The Get Scratched Easily”

It is one of the most common myths about wooden flooring. The truth is that these floors will get scratched only if you drag a hard or heavy object over it. Scratches can also happen in marble flooring. If you notice numerous scratches on your wooden floors, get in touch with a professional offering floor sanding in London and get back its lost appeal.

5. “They Don’t Impact The Room Temperature”

Being a natural insulator, wooden floors can make your room warmer. Though they don’t become as cold as stone floors or marble floors during winter, they help a great deal in balancing the variations in temperature.

6. “Wooden Floors Are Not Capable Of Withstanding Wear And Tear”

According to a survey conducted a few years, wooden flooring is as durable as marble flooring. If you want the floors in your house to stand up to wear and tear caused by pets and young children, choose the right type of wood flooring. It is not only about the type of wood, but choosing the right finish is also necessary.

Since the common myths about wood flooring have been solved, it’s time you install them in your house and sand them by professionals when required.

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