5 Common Problems With Wood Floors And How To Fix Those

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If you want to enhance the appeal of your house, install wooden floors. They are easy to install and clean and more affordable than other flooring options. One of the most common reasons why people have to replace their wooden floors instead of repairing them is because they often ignore the common signs indicating that the floor needs repair. Though newly installed floors can last for years with minimal maintenance, their performance deteriorates over time. You can deal with a majority of the issues with floor sanding in London.

Few Common Issues in Wood Flooring

1. Gaps Between Floorboards

This issue is more common in traditional houses with primal flooring. The gaps get hidden below the carpets and are often ignored and forgotten. The gaps generally occur when bad quality wood is used. The material shrinks during winter and expands during summer. If you can’t get rid of the gaps using a gap-filling mixture, get in touch with flooring experts.

2. Squeaky Noise From Boards

Though a bit of noise from the wooden planks is quite common, the floor might require repair if the squeaky boards are making the nights miserable and days noisy. The creaking noise generally occurs when the wood adjusts to a change in the temperature or humidity. The floors might also start making noise while you are walking on it. You can insert shims between the gaps or fill long gaps with construction adhesives.

3. Mould, Mildew or Fungus

Spotting another form of life forming on your wooden floors needs immediate attention. Their colonies are generally seen behind furniture, in corners and at random places. They will start developing on your wooden floor once the humidity level rises. If you ever notice a mould spore infestation, get in touch with PJ Pine & Son for professional floor sanding services. They will assess the condition of the boards and let you know whether you have to replace the contaminated places or sanding and refinishing them will be sufficient.

4. Rotting Floor

Soft and smelly wood is an indication that the floor has started rotting. It generally rots around the corners of bathrooms. Water can leak through broken pipes or other sources. If you don’t want the issue to spread any further, take out the damaged wooden plank immediately. The rotting process can destabilise the joists if you ignore the problem. In case of dry rot, you can scrape away the rotted wood.

5. Crowning

You will know that the floor is crowning if it starts looking like a small mountain. It generally occurs in areas with high humidity. The boards absorb water from the top and expand in the middle. In case of serious water damage, the board can lift and twist. You can get rid of the situation by removing the water source and allowing the boards to dry before sanding them. Professionals offering floor sanding services ensure to sand the whole area and not just the damaged wooden planks.

Since you are now aware of the common problems with wood floors and what causes them, get in touch with reputed floor sanding experts and get back the lost appeal of your floor.

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