3 Common Types Of Floor Sanding Services You Can Choose From

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The easiest way to restore the beauty of your floors is with professional floor sanding services. But sanding the floors in your house is not as easy as you think. Make sure you hire the right floor sanding experts if you want all the benefits offered by floor sanding. They should have years to experience in the industry as floor sanding providers.

If you want the floors in your house to be sanded with perfection, make sure you tailor the service according to the type of floor in your house. The floor sanding experts should have knowledge about different wood flooring products and sanding techniques.

The Common Types Of Floors And The Sanding Service They Need

1. Sanding Engineered Wood Floors

Visit any reputed floor retailer and manufacturer of engineered floors and they will claim that you can sand the floors for around 3 times. Even if the floor has a 3mm top layer, be very careful when sanding the surface. Never try a DIY project as you might end-up removing the entire top-layer during the very first sanding. Choose an experienced company like PJ Pine & Son for sanding engineered wood floors and they will ensure that the floors can be sanded expertly.

2. Sanding Parquet Floors

They are very delicate and should be sanded with perfection. The flooring is made with multiple small pieces of wood with grains running in various directions. If you want the floor to project a smooth and delightful appearance after sanding, let professionals perform the sanding process with special care. Negligence to follow the right floor sanding technique can compromise the quality of your parquet floors.

3. Sanding Hardwood Floors

Almost every professional offering floor sanding in London has experience in sanding hardwood floors. They use professional techniques during sanding and finishing them. If you want to get great results, quick and prompt completion is a must. Floors made using solid wood are very vulnerable to humidity so you can’t keep them exposed for a very long time. Hire floor sanding experts who are well-equipped and skilled and they will ensure that your hardwood floors get the best protection.

Since you are now aware of the common types of floors and the sanding service they need, it’s time you get in touch with floor sanding experts.

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