2 Common Mistakes People Generally Make During DIY Floor Sanding

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Though you don’t have to worry about the appeal and performance of the floor you have recently installed, their quality can deteriorate over time. If you want them to look smoother and newer, it’s time for professional floor sanding. It is one of the easiest ways you can get back the natural shine and lustre of your wooden floors. It even protects the floor from corrosion and water damages. The floor will be given a newer look by sanding off the old top layer.

DIY or Professionals?

Since there are so many benefits of floor sanding, it’s time you too enhance the appeal and value of your wooden floors. There are a few people who think that trying a DIY instead of hiring professionals for floor sanding will help them save money. This tends not to be the case. A majority of the floor sanders in London have years of industry presence and are aware of the various issues which might arise when sanding wooden floors. Hire the right experts and you don’t have to worry about the common mistakes people generally make during DIY floor sanding.

Trying DIY Floor Sanding? Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Never Assume That Floor Sanding Is Easy

Though sanding wooden floors look quite easy, it is actually not so. After all, the process is not only about rubbing a piece of sandpaper on the wooden floor. Floor sanding experts undergo years of training to equip themselves with the latest floor sanding techniques. They know how much they should sand the floor to prevent it from getting damaged. Excessive sanding with heavy and powerful machines can damage the flooring material.

2. Using The Wrong Sandpaper

The grit of sandpaper you should use during floor sanding in London is dependent on the type of floor in your house. A majority of the homeowners trying DIY floor sanding prefer using 120g sandpaper as they are afraid that excessive sanding can remove too much wood. Generally, the 120g sandpaper is not sufficient to take off the previous finish.

Since you are now aware of the common mistakes people generally make during DIY floor sanding, it’s time you hire an experienced floor sander so that you can avoid those.

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